UTOP Learning Community

  • Anyone who participated in UTOP is eligible to participate in the UTOP learning community.
  • Upon the completion of UTOP, selected students reside on campus, take classes together and participate in various cultural activities.
  • Students are engaged in coursework and activities that emphasize liberal arts education, diversity, campus connections, and growth and development.

To learn more about the 15 Learning Communities and to apply for the UTOP Learning Community please visit the Learning Communities website.

Program Benefits

  • Participants continue to enroll in classes together and share the same living/learning environments during the fall semester as they did during the UTOP summer experience.
    • Fall Semester: University College (UCOL) 1200 – UTOP First Year Seminar
  • Academic support services and co-curricular activities are provided throughout the one-year period.
  • Social events during the academic year that allow students to take a break from studying.
  • Although students are no longer in the community after completion of the freshmen year, the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion continues to advise students throughout their collegiate career.

Cultural Awareness

  • Various events on campus that students are encouraged to attend. These activities are geared specifically to create awareness and equip program participants with the tools to understand and be comfortable with the myriad of differences that exist in our world.
  • Additionally, some off-campus events will be planned specifically for students in the Learning Community.