UTOP Stories

Participant/Mentor Experience

UTOP changed my life that summer and gave me friends, family and mentors that still continue to pour into my success as a student.

Deja Stover, UTOP 2016, Mentor - UTOP 2018

I was always a step ahead; it lead to my academic and social success at UNC Charlotte, which lead to my success as a professional thereafter.

Nakia Wortherly-Foye, UTOP 2013, Mentor - UTOP 2014 & 2015, Student Coordinator - UTOP 2016

I wouldn’t be the leader I am if it weren’t for the foundation of leadership that UTOP helped build.

Satoria Ray, UTOP 2015, Mentor - UTOP 2018

Without UTOP, my college experience would’ve been so different and it allowed me to grow into the leader that I am today!

Tammy Tang, UTOP 2016

Thanks to UTOP, I have been involved in so many organizations that bettered me as a leader and an individual.

Tyriq Evans, UTOP 2015, Mentor - UTOP 2016 & 2017