UTOP Courses

UTOP class schedules are designed by the UTOP staff to assist each student in establishing a solid academic foundation as they begin their college career. Upon completion of the program, UTOP students will have earned seven credits towards graduation.

UTOP classes are registered for each student by the program director. Approximately two weeks before the beginning of the program, class schedules can be accessed by logging onto the student's Banner Self-Service Account.

UTOP students will be either be enrolled in two 3-credit hour courses from the list below that are part of the University's General Education curriculum and one 1-credit hour elective course, or one 4-credit hour course and one 3-credit hour course, both from the University's General Education curriculum.

What does the UTOP class schedule look like?

The general education courses meet daily (Monday-Friday) for 90 minutes. Students will have their first class from 9:30-11:00am; their second class will be scheduled from 11:30am-1:00pm.

UTOP students will be registered in two of the following classes:

  • Chemistry (CHEM) 1200: Fundamentals of Chemistry; 3 credit hours

  • Geography (GEOG) 1103: Spatial Thinking; 4 credit hours

  • Liberal Studies (LBST)1102: Arts & Society: Film; 3 credit hours

  • Liberal Studies (LBST) 2101: Western History & Culture; 3 credit hours

  • Liberal Studies (LBST) 2102: Global Connections (Africana Studies); 3 credit hours

  • Mathematics (MATH) 1101: College Algebra with Workshop: 4 credit hours

  • Mathematics (MATH) 1103: Precalculus Mathematics for Science and Engineering: 3 credit hours

  • Meteorology (METR) 1102: Introduction to Meteorology; 3 credit hours

  • Political Science (POLS) 1110: American Politics; 3 credit hours

  • Psychology (PSYC) 1101: General Psychology; 3 credit hours

  • Sociology (SOCY) 1101: Introduction to Sociology; 3 credit hours

  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies 1103: Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts; 3 credit hours

  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies 1104: Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts/Studio; 4 credit hours

Elective classes meet twice per week (Monday and Wednesday) from 2:00-3:15pm. Students registered from either GEOG 1103 or UWRT 1104 will have lab sessions for those classes during this time. Elective class offerings are as followed:

  • Communication Studies (COMM) 3050 - Topics in Communication Studies: Media Literacy Today

  • Education (EDUC) 1000 - Intro Topics in Education: History & Psychology of Race & Racism

  • Social Work (SOWK) 3090 - Topics in Social Work: Blackish: A Contemporary Analysis from a Social Work Perspective

  • Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) 2050: Topics in Women's Studies: Gender Race and Sexuality Through Film

Additional elective courses to be announced soon.